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Historical Victory at Sydney Olympics - 2000

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Nation is Ecstatic.....Best Olympics Results Ever Places Ethiopia Number 1 in Africa (4 Golds!)  

A unique and heroic performance  at the Sydney Olympics by Ethiopia's athletes that will be remembered for a very long time to come, placed the country as Number 1 in Africa. The victory in the Marathon race (first since 1968!) by Gezahenge Aberahaile_and_co_sydney.jpg (8255 bytes) and his compatriot Tesfaye Tola concluded an unprecedented almost a clean sweep of the 5K, 10K (Men and Women) and Marathon events. This has once-again established Ethiopian as an indomitable powerhouse of long-distance running. While the Kenyans were a serious competition, the final numbers place Ethiopia as a clear and decisive winner.

The week began with Haile Gebre Selassie's and Assefa Mezgebu's victory at the 10K. Haile who had been battling a nagging injury run the toughest race of his career to make History as only the third athlete to win the 10,000 meter race twice in an Olympics.  Assefa Mezgebu, an upcoming hero and the 99 world championship medallists won the Bronze medal in the same race. Gete Wami also won a bronze medal in the women's 5K.

Derartu's record-breaking win of the Women's 10,000 meter, complemented by a double medal by Gete Wami and the major upset win by Million Wolde in the Men's 5,000 meter already established our athletes as a huge success in the Sydney Olympics. 

Ethiopia's best-ever Olympics success was assured when on the closing day of this remarkable Olympics, Gezahenge Abera and his compatriot Tesfaye Tola came in 1st and 3rd bringing the Gold for Marathon back to Ethiopia's fold for the first time since Mamo Wolde's victory in 1968 at Mexico City. This is also the first time ever for Ethiopian athletes to sweep the event at an Olympics.

Pictured above are Assefa, Haile, Million, Gete, Derartu celebrating their victory. Kutre Dulecha is at the bottom picture. 

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