Public Notices

Public Notices

Upcoming Conferences

1) EACE-AAU Ist Int'l Conf on Earthquake Engg, Structures, Transportation and Geotechnical Engg. Addis Ababa - Jan 03.

2) The Ist International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy. Addis Ababa - Jan 03.

3) International Conference on Electrical & Computer Engineering (ICECE-2003). Bahir Dar - Feb 03. 

4) The XV-th International Conference on Ethiopian Studies. Hamburg - July 03. 


1) Axum Obelsik currently in Rome. Petition.
2) Loot from Maqdala in 1868. Now in England. Petition.
Prince Tsehay Plane and Documents from Ministry of Pen. Currently at Rome. 

Special acknowledgements to Professor Richard Pankhurst and Ras Seymour McLean who have been leading efforts for the return of Ethiopia's heritage.

Terada Assoc. for Elders Relief and Development - Dedicated to reducing poverty and neglect of the aged in their twilight years.

A British - Ethiopian and and his colleague launch a  grassroots project in AIDS programming in Ethiopia.  LIFESIGNS is based in America and implemented in Ethiopia. Link here.