MediaETHIOPIA Photo Essay - March 2, 2002
Addis Sheraton - You hate it only if you haven't been there.

It is not always that the MediaEthiopia head honchos editors call up for a meeting to vote on our choice of a given week's photo essay. This one, we assure you, was one edition where a vote was needed. But we had put a condition to the editors before any vote could take - they have to go there themselves and check out the place. 

A day later, the chief editor called us to tell us that we have his vote in favor of this week's choice. The way he said it went something like this....."Look guys, most of our loyal readers are ETs in the Diaspora. Most have been away from home for decades. We weren't sure if they would understand of your choice. But what the heck, once we went in there and looked this piece of work and what it means for our city-Addis, it was a no-brainer."

With this, we bring you some of the views of Addis' Sheraton that has inspired hope and good fortune for the city and the country as a whole. Sheraton is one unique place in the city where everyone, even a broke "mengist serategna" on the 29-th of the month, is treated like a king and made to feel at home and at ease. For this alone, and for allowing us to enjoy a great afternoon taking pictures and sipping Papaya juice that rivals Bole Mini [except we had to spend half of our salary], we salute the Sheraton and the very man who built it. Before we sign-off for the week, here is one tip we just couldn't keep to our selves. At the Sheraton itself, A mere 100 Birr (yeah..some percentage of our salary) can get you the pleasures Empress Taitu once enjoyed from the hot spring waters of Filoha. If "massage" is part of your wish, then ask for Mr. W and you will know why even Col. Mengistu  enjoyed it. Don't quote us on this, though.  



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