MediaETHIOPIA Photo Essay - March 12, 2002

The Bale Mountains

Few places in Ethiopia rival the sheer untouched beauty of the Bale mountains. From cool alpine lakes such as Sanetti, to Ethiopia's second highest mountain, Tullu Deemtu and to some of the largest endemic mammals such as Mountain Nyala, Memelik's Bushbuck and the Semien Fox, the Bale Mountains offer unparalleled beauty that is still untouched and unspoilt. 

Our photo team was offered the opportunity to document scenes from this beautiful place. But like many Addis residents who haven't ventured far from Lake Langano and perhaps Awassa, our team was actually lost somewhere near Shashemene. We had them located and back on the road before they could venture to some of the Jamaican Rasta Colonies. 

At any rate, some on the team insisted that the road to Goba that goes east from Shashemene was the shortest and most scenic. The trip up until Dodola was great; but the 1965 Land Rover broke down some where before Dinsho right at the foot of the majestic Bale mountains. That is when the group that insisted that the road through Nazret, Assela and then Dodola was the shortest and more interesting got into "we told you so..." At any rate, our team is still stuck in Dinsho; some have made it to Goba.

And we the editors, what can we say, have to make do with pictures that need acknowledgements. 

Going clock-wise, from left-bottom, the pictures show a colorful Bale kid, alpine flora, scenery in north part of the Bale Park, the Dadimos mountain, a male Mountain Nyala and a Bale Oromo beauty. 

Pictures courtesy of Ato Metaferia, Last, Yumo Travels, ERV Safaris and Travel Ethiopia. 


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