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July 14, 2001: Addis Ababa

What a rainy season has it been so far? So much rain and cloudy days. The sun comes out, of course, every day for few hours; but with vengeance. Who said the global warming thing is a myth? Any Ethiopian old enough to remember, say, Kuku Sebsibe and "Nanu-nanu ney" [courtesy Muluken Melesse] of the 80's will definitely know that Addis Ababa, 

Abebe Bikila Stadium: Pictures in the middle and the right column show the Abebe Bikila stadium built a few years ago. It is now closed for the rainy season and weeds are growing around it. 

However, some memorable matches have been played in that stadium. Egypt's and Anglola's game that was disrupted in the last African Youth Cup was played out here.

We hear people thanking the Sheikh for building this modest monument to the great legendary Abebe Bikila. Does anyone remember what the "Dikte Mengistu" said many years ago? "Biyans biyans meto-shih hizb liyiz yemichil stadium be-qrbu Inaseralen." The bloody guy, if only he had kept that promise, he would have been remembered at least for that (in addition to the Baro Bridge, someone is whispering here).

At any rate, Abebe's name is now remembered through this modest stadium. 

once our cool hill city has now warmed up at least 3 degree celsius.

OK...Kremt is the topic which brings us to the issue of Addis Ababa's favorite hang-out places in Kremt. 3 movies in a day? Were those the days or what? Movies are still a day-long event for high-schoolers out in vacation for the Kremt. Ambassador Theater is still one of the coolest places in Addis. Its light blue facade and glass front have endured years of neglect. But who cares? The place invokes many pleasant memories for a lot of kids who grew up in Addis Ababa. Did we hear somebody saying that the place is for the privileged? C'mon folks, entrance fee used to be a birr and fifty cents at one point, a lot cheaper than a skinny bundle of chat (and the sugar and coke that go with it). 



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