Photo Essay - Addis Ababa - September 27, 2001 -  MediaEthiopia
September 27, 2001: Addis Ababa - Ethiopia

Demera was celebrated with the usual mix of colors, faith, songs and bonfire. The rains of the Kremt have finally given way to clear but still chilly days in the highlands. 


An old superstition suggests that the huge bonfire falls in the direction of an area which will face tribulations in the year just started. Some  swear, it fell east-ward, some say even north...A few said, it was south-wards. Our photographer stayed till the end and witnessed a ...hold your breathes....westerly fall. Hey, we do not believe in this superstition....but for the fun of it, we will talk about it next year....   

Of all the Demera celebrations, many people still talk about the uneasy Demera of 1973, which was perhaps the most colorful Addis Ababa has ever seen with a huge parade; but also for reasons that became clear later on, very uneasy. 


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