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The Ring Road

Well, the Qebena-Wingate School section of the ring road is yet to be started, but both the Chinese and Addis Ababa were ready to declare the project as ‘almost complete’ on a cloudy day this Kremt. Of course, the African Union meeting was around the corner and for Arkebe and Meles, Mission Numero Uno – over the past year – has been making sure that AU stays in Addis Ababa. The ring road was, therefore, an integral part of the face-lift in the city that was meant to show that Addis is a modern city. The inauguration event was hyped well in advance. The Chinese brought their own cultural troupe and Arkebe brought a whole Army Orchestra. With the Mekanisa hills and the Mighty Furi Mountain providing a background from far, we enjoyed the Chinese performing a ‘Spring Festival’ dance (comrades, it is rainy season here!) and the Ihadeg army orchestra playing ‘Balageru’ (Guad Ihadegoch, with your new found love to our city, your ‘base’ - the ‘Balageru’ may feel betrayed!).

All in all, however, it was a great day for Addis Ababa. N.B. Our Photo Essay Team had never published pictures of EPRDF people; we have principles – folks! But Mr.Arkebe? Let us say we have been intrigued by him and watch him closely. We felt he deserved to be shown. MediaETHIOPIA people seem to agree with our views - may be reluctantly. In case, there is a mass complaint they have promised to let us know. Ye-Ethiopia Politika!

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