Photo Essay - Lake Awassa - July 20, 2001 -  MediaEthiopia
Lake Awassa, Southern Ethiopia - Some of MediaET Crew in Lake Awassa.

Well, some of our readers complained that we covered only Addis Ababa in our photo essay section. So, we told our MediaET correspondents that they should travel outside the capital and take some pictures of ordinary lives. Our directions were clear - "ordinary lives". Well, were we shocked that these were the pictures that we got? "ordinary lives"? The crew argued that theirs was an ordinary lives too. But you guys were on "company time", dudes? But then we weren't going anywhere with our discussions. Still we could not resist the breathtaking view of one of Ethiopia's less explored beauty - Lake Awassa and thought our viewers will overlook the personal side of it. 

Lake Langano may be popular because of its small but awesome sandy beach (and of course the absence of Bilharzia due to its high salt content), but Lake Awassa is a pure beauty. The lake is placid and changes its color throughout the day; sunset bringing an explosion of colors that make a trip to Awassa a trip to remember. 

Hey, we don't want to sound like we support the stuff Ihaddeg did with this kilil thing (in fact we hate it!), but the city of Awassa, in a strange way, had benefited as being a regional capital. Where does the money come? Who knows? but MediaET people say Awassa is building multi-story buildings faster than our beloved Addis Ababa. Everything is not dandy, though. But, Awassa is now a must see city of the great Rift Valley region. 

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