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Kremt in Addis Ababa

Nehase 1996 (August 2004):  For some, the Addis Ababa Kremt is a nuisance. For others, it is one of the most unforgettable faces of life in Addis Ababa. For more than 3 months of the year, the life of Addis Ababans is altered by the heavy rains of Kremt. Taxis do some of their best busy days in this season of drenching.

Leaking roofs, muddy ye-mender roads, asphalt-roads turned to gravel roads with hundreds of pot-holes, fresh-roasted corns sold by roadsides, children playing football in muddy fields, short-sunny afternoons after a morning of Monsoon rains, leaky Made-in-China shoes, evenings by the charcoal fire are some of the moments of Kremt that no Addis Ababan ever forgets.

On one such rainy Nehase afternoon, our photo team went around Addis Ababa documenting this year's season of Kremt.

Shown on left: Bulbula River near Bambis, a "bekolo negade', sunset on the ring road near Megenangna, scene near shola/Megenagna.

Shown on center: Mesqel square under a drencher.

Shown on right: Beautiful Gurage women with vegetable selection of the day, Made-in-China umbrella vendor, pick-up football games in Megenagna, a house near Rafael Church accessible by only a ladder (courtesy of Kremt).

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