Photo Essay - Addis Ababa - January 2002 -  MediaETHIOPIA
Happy Eid Mubarrak, Ghenna and Timqet from the photo essay team at MediaEthiopia. 

The end of December was, to say the least, an eventful time, for us here at MediaET Photo Essay. Our assignment for the month was to hang around popular cafes in town in Piazza, Bole, National Theatre district and along Haile G/Selassie road and document cafe scenes. 

We had a great time in Bole, HGS road and Piazza. Friendly clientele of high school kids, AAU students, office workers at break, and retired people (almost 20% of Addis Ababa residents act like retirees anyways) had provided what we thought were an excellent material to this edition of photo essay. Well, that was until our photographer kind of got overzealous in the National Theatre District.

Happy that our task was almost complete, most of us were enjoying great cappuccino at a cafe right next to the National Theatre (name withheld), when a verbal match between our lead photographer and a very unfriendly waiter escalated to a fight. Many details omitted here; but it suffices to say that we had to surrender a whole film roll to a negotiator appointed at the scene.

This edition, we hope, is saved with some pictures taken in a somber as well as party mood in the past 2 weeks. The fireworks are courtesy of Sheraton hotel where partying like crazy is a necessity. A scene at the outside of Vogue Club below the Ambassador Theatre near Mekalakeya minister is shown on top right corner.

The churches are busy these days with Ghenna and Timqet. Left is Kidus Yohannes, followed by Medhanne Alem and Kidus Giorgis churches on the right. The Grand Mosque is in the list, we promise, next time. 


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