Photo Essay - February 10, 2002 -  MediaETHIOPIA
Hanging out at Cafes is Addis Ababa's favorite past-time. Politics, romance, business deals (through delalas), gossip and people watching are some of the excuses for this indulgence.  But, if the truth has to be told, the folks at MediaET think it must be the tens of thousands of vintage espresso machines and finest macchiato and espresso anywhere in the world they churn out that make Addis' cafes a daily must-visit places.   
Ato Mekonnen of Aled's Pastry near the National Theatre makes Starbucks employees look amateurish. All pictures at left taken  at Aled's Pastry which incidentally compares well with the city's classic cafes like Peacock at Bole Road. The cafe on the right top corner (Novel Cafe) is located in the Beqlo Bet area right across Mekowor's Plaza. The bottled water, by the way, is local...bottled at a plant in Northern Shoa...not as good as the carbonated eternal Ambo-wuha but beats Evian......And also no expiration date, we could notice! Picture at lower bottom is of the outdoor cafe of the Ras Hotel, a favorite hang-out place for Somali immigrants and Arab visitors. No, we did not notice "chat" chewing.

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