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Haile's Great Ethiopian Run - 2003

Our suggestion to have the 'Great Run' on a stretch of the ring road  - preferably - around Mekanisa was not heeded. But, hey, we could not have asked for a better ending than this year's competitions. More than anything else, this event proved to us and a lot of people that there is no other person with more leadership ability in this land of ours more than the legendary Captain Haile G/Selassie. Haile is shown in action here in some of the pictures. Think of it, folks, when was the last time that we saw more than 25,000 Ethiopians respond politely, affectionately and respectfully to polite but firm commands from one of our own? 

Our photo team had participated in the races in its own way. The finish times and the routes we took (and possibly mistook) will of course not be available for public consumption. But who said taking photos and looking for interesting stories go with the disciplines of a 10,000 meter race at 2000 meters altitude of this great city of ours. For the record, we still do not remember who won the race...but hey, our focus was the fun  and privilege of participation. We haven't got our medals, yet. The numerous stories we picked and talked about at Addis' watering holes compensate for that, we hope.
A number of expatriates had joined the race like this guy from Canada who actually finished way ahead of us...and that too a full 30 minutes ahead of some of us. Isn't that ironic or what, eh? Even Alistair Campbell - Mr. Blair's spin-man/spinmeister who wouldn't dare to run in a London race had - we heard - a blast. Oh, Addis Ababa! no leftists and pacifists and fedayeens (rest assured Mr. Campbell) but 20,000+ people determined to have fun!

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