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"The Chinese Invasion"

A very interesting assignment we thought we were offered as we drove around town and tried to record what the editor of MediaETHIOPIA called the "Chinese Invasion".

We are not sure if it is an invasion or something else but we can assure you that what we saw in our city is very encouraging and something that has changed our city's look significantly. For example take the "Friendship Road" - 'wedajnet godana' shown here that runs between Wello Sefer and Nifas Silk/Gotera. It is barely 3 kilometers long but is perhaps the most popular road now in Addis.

The "Friendship" monument the Chinese built near Bole however was a topic of a long discussion after we finalized our assignment. Over beer and some of the finest recreational beverages the city offers, we thought the shapes on the monument are some variations of the dreaded 'sickle' and 'hammer' bent in rounded shapes. Frankly, it looks fine and all but we just couldn't like it. The editors advised us to read Tizibt's letter to see the significance. Yeah, may be it has some significance, but couldn't they have made it look more like stretched hands to the Heavens or  to the East, for that matter.


In this column: a nice and simple sign on "Wedajinet godana", the Chinese operate about 30% of the mobile accounts, new mobile antennas being built by the Chinese.

In this column: Pictures of the ring road between Meganagna and Qebena, mobile phone user at a modest kiosk, and a lady jumping over a fence to cross the ring road.

In this column: Out favorite picture is this kid on the mobile  who is managing a small kiosk on Wedajnet Road. If you look closely, condoms are part of his merchandise. Is it a coincidence that he is located at "wedajinet godana"? Too much talk on wedajnet leads to things, as you know. More from "wedajnet godana" .

Another favorite picture of ours. Finally, we caught some Chinese workers on ring road taking a rest. We had wondered if these folks just work and work! 

In this column: The ring road is yet to go beyond Wingate. If you need help in directions, though, this make-shift signs will direct you.

Old Ethiopia meets new Ethiopia as fire-wood vendors carry a huge load of "qitel' past the elevated ring road.

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