Photo Essay - Addis Ababa - August 18, 2001 -  MediaEthiopia

The glass and steel (and some concrete) building on Bole Road right before Wello sefer is, in the opinion of our esteemed editorial team, is the ugliest new building in Addis. We think these guys may be good business people but suck in decoration. What kind of color is curry-yellow for a steel building? Owned by the conglomerate called - Equatorial Business Group - the building is now complete and tenants are moving in as we write this. 

Plagued by difficult soaky foundation (river actually) and strikes, the Midroc head office (Mr. Alamoudine's Conglomerate) is still under construction. In our opinion, when finished this building may be one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Hey, some of the engineers are our friends; but too bad it was all designed abroad. Mr. A, next time ET engineers and architects please!

So who are these EBG people? We hear ET businessmen who had made fortunes in South Africa, Saudi, Europe and parts of Africa make up the board. Isti man-yimut? ....Money made in South Africa? 

Looking down from Arat Kilo, near Menelik's Palace, one of Shiekh Almaoudin's investment - the Sheraton hotel. Our photographers could have done a better job here. The renewal of the contract is hinging on this issue right now. BTW, everyone knows that the big palace favored by Emperor Menelik himself and later by Mengistu - the Dikte was built by Emperor Menelik. How come all around the fence, the late Emperor H/Selassie, had the logo HSI (Qe-Ha-S) put? [HSI - Haile Selassie Ist]. Minew zemed iqo nachihu? BTW, even Mengistu never dared to touch it.

everyday scene in Intoto. 

a scene from life in doro-manekiya sefer.


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