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The MediaET team loves Piazza; and Piazza does not disappoint. The picture on the left was taken on a Friday afternoon right around 4:00 PM a little before the mad rush-hour. In a few hours, taxis, minivans-"Wiyiyit", buses and cars will fill the streets of Addis transporting thousands of people on their way to home. It is interesting that we pride ourselves in being a very dignified and collected people even in the face of danger or in moments of national celebrations. But on a typical day at 6:00 PM, all hell breaks loose. Getting that coveted seat in a "wiyiyit" or a taxi demands as much guts as being a foot soldier in Adwa in 1896. 

August 3, 2001: Addis Ababa

Castelli Restaurant, the best Italian restaurant in the city (perhaps in the country) and very popular among ETs and foreigners is located in the building in the center. Royal College (where did the name come from?) is in the same building. This building, which is among the oldest in the city, dates back to the early 40's.

The Internet POP (point-of-presence) gear at Awassa. Hey, some of the network engineers are our friends too. But seriously, seeing such a modern technology in beautiful Awassa makes our ET heart rejoice. Thanks for these engineers and the money from UNDP, Awassa, Jimma, Bahr Dar and Mekele are now connected directly to the Net. 

The two pictures on the top (left and right) show Mega House which is located on the Bole Road near Olympia. A beautiful building, we must add; however the editorial team had a tough time on deciding its inclusion here. First, the Mega House security guy (Zebegna) had an issue with MediaET's photographer. "Min politika litameta felgeh new demo foto ye-mitanesaw" was the warning before ye-dula gibzha.

Hey, we did not wish to endanger our crew; but in ET, one needs to be cautious when taking pictures especially when the subject is owned by the "powers-to-be". We hear EPRDF owns the building (through Mega Enterprise) with one of the many owners being currently in "isir-bet". Corruption is the charge, we are told. Need we say, more, folks? Ke-memot mesenbet bilalech doro…


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