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In this edition of our popular column, photo essay, the PE team shows us some scenes from the recent Great Ethiopia Run. They also comment that Captain Haile G/Selassie's aspiration for entering politics just got a boost and respect with his leadership qualities demonstrated at the event. Photos and story here.  December 11,03.



The MediaETHIOPIA photo essay team struggles with moral questions as it brings you stories and pictures about the recently completed terminal building at Bole. Along the way, they take the Ethiopian Airlines to task on its nocturnal "widiqt lelit' flight schedule and its resumption to flight to Israel after the humiliating treatment of its crew and passengers only a few months ago. Here. June 21, 2003.



This week's photo essay covers this years 'Ethiopian Patriots Day' where veterans of the Italian war added color to the celebration. The unveiling of the replica of Emperor Theodros' massive canon - Sebastapol at the Theodros square at Churchill Road on the same day brings the fulfillment of a 35 year process closer to completion.  Here. May 15, 2003.



Our photo team revisits the Ring Road. They also comment: "Atlas Hotel which had suffered for the past 2 years from the dust and noise of construction now is feeling that it is the Sheraton of East Addis Ababa.  'Fix the elevators first', is our advice for the Atlas people." Among their observation is the need to change the 50 Kms/hr speed limit to 2 Kms/hour to accommodate Addis' pedestrians. Here.   April 20, 2003.


Legehar - Addis' neighborhood where the 4th division, headquarters of the country's only railway services and Tilahun Gessesse's Shell gas station add color to an increasingly overpopulated landscape is the focus of this week's Photo Essay. Here.  March 25, 2003.



Eretcha - the little understood but yet one of the most important holidays for the Oromo people of Ethiopia is the focus of this week's photo essay edition. Here.  March 9, 2003.





In this edition of photo essay, we cover some more of Addis Ababa's photogenic businesses such as this bakery around the Rwanda Embassy area and Contract 'Watet Bet'. Read why 'mazegaja' bet charges 50 Birr/feedel for business ads. Here.  February 15, 2003.


Our new photo essay team comments on how Addis Ababans are finally saying enough is enough and taking matters into their own hands by repairing their government-owned decaying houses and buildings. Essay on the Cathedral area here. January 25, 2003.

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