Photo Essay - Addis Ababa - 2002

MediaEthiopia - 2002 

Our planned photo essay on scenes from Addis' popular cafes in Bole, Piazza, HGS Road and National Theatre area is jinxed after we were forced to surrender our film rolls to a negotiator following and incident between overzealous photographer of ours and a waiter in a bad mood at national Theatre area. Vogue Club right below Ambassador Theatre was one of the city's hottest clubs over the holidays. For the pious, Kidus Yohannes, Giorgis and Medhane Alem provided the setting for Ghenna and the upcoming Timqet. MORE HERE.

Ato Mekonnen of Aled's Pastry near the National Theatre serves a fine espresso from one of the city's vintage espresso machines. MORE HERE. on our edition of photo-essay on Addis' cafe culture.

Apartment buildings in Addis Ababa are the focus of our photo essay for this week. From the cute St. George Terrace to a talk about the 800-page RD manual, our team takes our readers to this side of Addis rarely talked about. MORE HERE.

This edition needed a vote. But like our photo-essay team says: this is a place where even a broke "mengist serategna" on the 29-th of the month is treated like a king and made to feel at home and at ease. For this alone, and for allowing us to enjoy a great afternoon taking pictures and sipping Papaya juice that rivals Bole Mini [except we had to spend half of our salary], we salute the Addis Sheraton and the very man who built it.....More here. 

Our photo team was offered the opportunity to document scenes from the beautiful Bale mountains. But like many Addis residents who haven't ventured far from Lake Langano and perhaps Awassa, our team was actually lost somewhere near Shashemene. Puzzled, how one can get lost in Shashemene, we had them located and back on the road before they could venture to some of the Jamaican Rasta Colonies. ....More here.  Photo courtesy: ERV Safaris.

The story of Ethiopia's legendary air force, EAF is the focus of this week's photo essay. More here. [Photo: Blue Rider Publishing]. 

MediaETHIOPIA's photo team takes you to the soon-to-be completed Bole Airport Terminal.  Pictures and story here. 

What is Addis Ababa without its taxis? The pulse of the city is not only in its cafes and markets but also its white-topped blue taxis - from the old Zenbil model, to ceccentos, to mille centos to Ladas and to wiyiyits. MediaET presents photo essay on Addis Taxi Stories.

A planned story on Addis' wicked "chat parties/picnics" never materialized; but our story on the city's historical buildings, we hope, will more than make up for it. Story here.

Our photo essay team looks at some of Addis' funky businesses and business names. Read about delalas with cell phones and London Shoe Store. Here. 

Ordinary citizens talk about the city's major constructions in this issue of Photo Essay. Here. 


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