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T o see how ordinary Ethiopians are coping with the recent devaluation of the Birr and the continued inflation, we talked to a number of people in Addis Ababa varying from university students to company managers. In their own words, here is what they said. Photo Essay here. September 21, 09.

W hat do people in Addis Ababa say about the continuing power rationing? We recently hit the road and talked to a number of ordinary Addis Ababans to gauge the feeling on the street. Their answers (in their own words) follow. Photo Essay here. September 12, 09.

'The country is deprived of a rare inspiring and empowering young female leader. Thus, it is not only the three generations of the Birtukan family that areimprisoned; but Ethiopia as a whole is also held as a hostage by the fiendish Meles/TPLF regime. By any measure, this is a crime against humanity. And, where is the outrage by humanity?' asks Professor Negussay Ayele writing on the continued solitary confinement of Ethiopia's leading prisoner of conscience, Judge Birtukan Mideksa. Article here. June 7, 2009.

In a timely article, Professor Negussay discusses how Ethiopia came to being occupied by Meles' TPLF and Issayas' EPLF in the past 17 years. Professor Negussay Ayele, a long time contributor to, traces the roots of these two groups and their continued undermining of the Ethiopian state. He further investiagtes the role of the Ethiopian military implosion under Col. Mengistu as a major contributor towards the military occupation of Ethiopia by these two entities. Article here. August 12, 2008.

"Maybe, it is the realization of this fact by the current government and its race against time or else the confluence of multitude of dramatic historical forces arrayed to have a say in the country's future, that the most significant and least understood event in the country today is the expansion of higher education." write our Photo Essay Team as we prepare for the Ethiopian Millenium. Photo Essay here. September 2, 07.

"...We all know that Meles takes a personal interest in Internet. For example, broadband is down after 10:00 PM as the Prime Minister surfs the Internet, posting articles (with weird pen names like Kebede, Mengew, etc), doing his doctoral research, and chatting with Jeffrey Sachs at Columbia on Google Talk. The bald man is not happy that the Tech Park will gobble up boardband 24/7," comments a member of our Photo Essay team in an uncensored piece explaining why the long rumored Technology Park still remains illusive. Photo Essay here. May 10, 07.


"The 'nib'/bee loving Sheikh has also been planning to build some resort hotels in the city; but no one we have met seemed to care for the man anymore", write our Photo Essay team on their last article on the Great Ethiopian Rift Valley series. Photo Essay here. February 12, 07.


Koka Plains and the Awash valley are the focus of this week's edition of Photo Essay. The team comments, "as we bought a whole basket of papaya for three birr, we could not help but be reminded that it was not a coincidence that Melka Kunture, one of the cites of early human origins was only 40 kilometers away or so towards the Zuqwalla mountains and the source of the Awash river." Photo Essay here. Dec 17, 06.


"In fact, this ill-advised decision launched one of the most bizarre and most expensive Weyane experiments ever. Almost 250 million Birr went to building the usual EPRDF-era parliaments, municipal buildings and apartments for puppet parliamentarians. Even the legendary artist Ali Bira was duped to thinking that the aspiration of the Oromo people for a good and decent life like every other Ethiopian was finally met." MediaET's Photo Essay team visits Nazret. 11/18/06.


Few places in Ethiopia carry the potential that the Great Ethiopian Rift Valley possesses in transforming the lives of our 75 million people. From the hundreds of thousands of acres of fertile land in the Awash valley to the greens of Shashemene and the untouched wilderness of the land of Evangadi in Gamo Gofa, the Rift Valley remains to be Ethiopia's last hope. Feedelix Wireless sponsors a photo essay series on the Rift Valley. Our first story is on Debre Zeit. 10/23/06.


The story of Erecha - the celebration of the first harvest of the Ethiopian Spring in September - is a story better told by who else but the late Poet Laureate himself, Blattten Geta Tsegaye G/Medhin. "....12,000 years ago, ASRA the God of sun and sky of KUSH PHARAOH begotten SETE, the older son ORA the younger of the first and daughter named as ASI. The older SETE killed his younger brother ORA, and ASIS (ADBAR) planted a tree (ODA) for thse memorial of her deceased brother ORA at the bank of Nile, Egypt ....". Photo Essay Team visits Debre Zeit/Bishoftu to document this celebration of thanksgiving.

MediaETHIOPIA's photo correspondent travels to Arba Minch, the other jewel of the South (Awassa being the other). He talks about Dutch and South African Millionaires rehabilitating the Netsch Sar Park, why Arba Minch fish (Nile Perch) is now more expensive in Arba Minch than Addis. Photo shows Land Cruser crossing the Kulfo Rive. Here. September 15, 2005.


FeedeliX Wireless, an Ethiopian start-up company sponsors this edition of Photo Essay. With Feedel going mobile and Amharic SMS now a possibility, our team pays a tribute to this milestone. Photo Essay on mobile phones in Ethiopia. May 15, 06 Edition. FeedeliX.



Photo essay team is back with a new issue covering the city of Arba Minch - the gateway to the land of Evangadi and the great Southern Ethiopia. "At least two of us can recount endless hours of memories of childhood life in this city by the two lakes in Southern Ethiopia", goes their opening comment. Here. May 1, 06.

Photo essay on the Ethiopian presence in Jerusalem - Debre Sultan. Courtesy Daniel Alemu. April 06. Here.



Photo essay on the Hamer people of South Ethiopia in the "Evangadi Land". Courtesy Ashenafi Assefa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, April 06. Here.



"When Tirunesh Dibaba and Meseret Difar wish you a Happy 1998 and advise you to be sensible from a huge billboard in front of the Municipality Building, then no one in the city, we presume, will think of HIV-AIDS as a joke," write our Photo Essay Team in a story they did on the HIV-AIDS pandemic in Ethiopia.  Story Here. September 23, 2005.



'No self-respecting Addis Ababan dares to be seen with shoes that have not been touched by a Listro at least once in a day', comments our Photo Essay Team on their new story on Addis Ababa Listros - the city's prides. Story Here. August 30, 2005.

'So, almost 100 years later, here we are at Addis Alem switnessing planting of thousands of trees to bring back the old glory of this region,' write the Photo Essay Team for their latest piece on the Addis Alem region. Photos Here. Jan 2005.


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