Tamrat Tadesse (Anleyayem) and Manalimosh Dibo release some of the well-received CDs of the year in Ethiopia.  Born in Tiqur Wuha and childhood spent in Awassa and Diredawa, Tamrat brings a fresh voice to the Ethiopian pop music scene. The title song 'anleyayim' is perhaps his best piece so far. Manalimosh who hails from the Denbiya region of Gondar brings a mix of Wello, Minjar, Gondar, and contemporary Ethiopian pop music that rivals and at times complements the same winning formula of Abonesh Adinew - the 'Balageru' phenomenon of 2001/2002.  

Shown in the left is a renowned Ras who once headed the "Black Lion" Movement and led the Southern Front during the Italian invasion. He is also the patriarch of a very-well respected family with his children serving Ethiopia in various capacities.
On the right is, an unforgettable hero from the battles at Sidamo (credited for destroying numerous enemy armor), Sodo, Tole, RePi, Bulga, and Acheber. His greatest achievements also included a victory at Ziqwala and another victory over the forces of one Italian Colonel Kaza Basa at Abu where his forces killed 26 Italian officers. He later served his country as governor of Soyu Awaraja in Wollega, Chebo and Gurage, Welayta and Chercher & Issa as a Dejazmach. Who are these historical figures? E-mail answers. 

Shown in the left is Dejazmach Beyene Merid, a fierce resistance fighter during the Italian war. On the right is another remarkable patriot/arbegna who is credited for liberating the cities of Addis Alem and Holeta in 1933 (EC) from the Italian occupiers at the age of only 20! One of the graceful surviving arbegnas in Ethiopia now, he narrates that the heroisms of his father Ato Kelo and his grandfather Ato Gero inspired him. What is his name? How has Ethiopia honored Dejach Beyene Merid (site some landmarks)? E-mail answers. 

Blaten Geta Heruy Wolde Selassie who had an illustrious career in the Ethiopian government such as Minister of Foreign Affairs (1931-36) is most known for his literary talents and intellectual outlooks. Any idea what some of his most memorable writings are?E-mail answers.

Courtesy Fortune Magazine Oct 2003.

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'masterpiece, comprehensive and sound', says Dr. Girma Ejere of LSC, London, UK.
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Courtesy Tobia, Addis Ababa, 2003.

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Our photo essay team comments, "With the Mekanisa hills and the Mighty Furi Mountain providing a background from far, we enjoyed the Chinese performing a ‘Spring Festival’ dance (comrades, it is rainy season here!) and the Ihadeg army orchestra playing ‘Balageru’ (Guad Ihadegoch, with your new found love to our city, your ‘base’ - the ‘Balageru’ may feel betrayed!)" Photos here.   July 17, 2004.

Jigiga is a focus of this edition of our column where our team observes, "In the end - after a daylong stay - what we found out was that Jijiga has a bigger name and influence in the identity of the Ogaden region than the city's physical smallness." Photos here. June 1, 04.

Harer, the city of  walls, minarets, mosques, churches and legends is the focus of this edition of Photo Essay, as our team travels the breadth and depth of this country of ours to bring every day stories to our readers.  Photos here. May 15,04.

The Photo Essay Team travels to Awassa - the jewel of the Southland and the guardian of the Great Rift Valley. Amid lunch at the shores of Lake Awassa, they talk to recent arrivals as well as old residents who remember Awassa when it was just a shadow of its neighbor Yirga Alem - the then provincial capital. Photos here.  April 20, 04.

This Summer: Sodere-Negadras Tessema's dream.
Shashemene - cross roads & Rasta dreams.
DireDawa - the city with a character. Jijiga - the Gateway to the Ogaden.

More PhotoEssays here.

Visit Ayat - Ethiopia's leading house builders.

MediaETHIOPIA focuses on the Chinese presence in Ethiopia that seems poised to grow in leaps in bounds in the years to come.
Tizibt comments on what she calls the "Chinese Opportunity". She writes, "At the end of the day, dear Ethiopians, the question that begs to be answered in our response to the 'Chinese Opportunity' becomes, "how can we then build more dramatic and significant win-win business and growth initiatives with the Chinese that will indeed establish us as the 'gateway to Africa' - just like the Chinese think we are?" " More.

Our photo essay teams writes, "We are not sure if it is an invasion or something else but we can assure you that what we saw in our city is very encouraging and something that has changed our city's look significantly." More. March 2004.

"I suggest that, to achieve a balance in our foreign relationships as it relates to the Arab nations and Israel, every time we send President Girma to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, we should consider requiring Prime Minister Meles to travel to Israel for a compulsory medical check-up" writes Tizibt commenting on the implications of the recent news of the immigration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel.  
Letter Here. Jan 04.

"For us ordinary Addis Ababans now, the '9' area code (area code for mobile phones) is, of course, a symbol of prestige. It means we can afford the payment, we are connected, we are ambitious, and - most importantly - that we can change from second gear to third gear in our cars with the right hand while holding our mobile phone with the left hand and not killing anyone during the process," writes Tizibt about what she calls the "mobile phone elite of Ethiopia". As always, she picks on Meles along her way.   Here.
More of Tizibt's Letters from Ethiopia.

'Aye Merkato', was what Poet Tsegaye Gebre Medhin once wrote about this place that holds a special place in every Addis Ababans collective memory. "Aye" is of course just a phrase; but in the pen of this giant poet, 'aye' says a lot about Merkato. Inspired by the poet's words, our Photo Essay team documents a story on Merkato. Photos and story here.  January 12,04. 

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