Ethiopia's Historical Buildings
Established by Empress Taitu in 1896, Addis Ababa has grown to be Ethiopia's most diverse economical and political center. Over the years the city has assimilated different architectural identities varying from traces of Indian, Greek, Russian to Italian occupation-era. Most of the historical buildings in Addis Ababa were built during Emperor Menelik's time often under the design and consultation services of foreign artisans of Indian, Greek or Russian origin. The city's architecture, naturally, reflects the background of these artisans. 

Left to right going clockwise: a renovated 2-storey timber building in Piassa, the Electricity House (Italian Occupation-era 5-story Stucco Building), Taitu Hotel (Ethiopia's first Hotel-built by Emperor Menelik), View from the rotunda of Ras Biru W/Gabriel's House near Mesqel square, and a former Ras' house now used as Menelik Elementary School. 

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