Prime Minister Meles Has to Go


Published: November 5, 2005

The tragic events of this week in November of 2005 where more than 100 people in all corners of Ethiopia were killed by PM Meles' security suggest - beyond any shades of doubt - that the time for PM Meles to go has come. In this age of human civilization where a news-worthy event in one corner of the world whether it is in the seats of European governments or in the narrow streets of Merkato, Addis Ababa where 20 year old youth battle armed government troops is heard in almost all corners of the world within few minutes, the very idea of a government bent on killing its own people should not be tolerated even for a day.

What Prime Minister Meles and his ruling group of the TPLF has done in Ethiopia not only this week when it shot children as young as 7 and 12 years in the chest and it filled the country's prisons with thousands of innocent civilians but also in June of this year when it massacred as many as 40 young people, should not be tolerated. Not even for a day should a people in this age of enlightenment be subjected to a state tyranny. The immediate cause of this uprising in the various cities of the country such as Addis Ababa, Arba Minch, Awassa, Dire Dawa, Bahr Dar, Dessie, Debre Markos, and Gondar is clear and unmistakable. The majority of the country's voters feel that Meles has stolen their votes. If a ruling party loses all seats in the capital city,  people around the country wonder, how is it possible that it could claim that it has won 2/3rd of the parliamentary seats?

PM Meles' response to this has been ordering his own army to shoot innocent children. For a man and a group that came to power through violence and the power of the barrel of a gun and that has ruled by sheer intimidation, the idea of giving up power peacefully may seem unacceptable. But this man and his followers need to understand that the people have revolted and refuse to be ruled by him - not even for a day longer. This popular wish can not be stopped by any kind of killing and imprisonment. How many people does PM Meles intend to kill to stop this popular wave? How many people does the Prime Minster intend to imprison? The PM and his followers do not need to go further than our own country and continent to realize that no amount of killing and imprisonment could keep a dictator in power once the people revolt. Mr. Mengistu, the other ignorant and arrogant Fascist dictator, wasted the country and killed and maimed thousands only to flee to save his skin. Other Fascist dictators like Siad Barre of Somalia, Idi Amin of Uganda, Bokassa of CAR have a story that may serve as a lesson for today's Fascist dictator PM Meles.

The choices are clear. Negotiate a political settlement and prevent more blood-shade or pursue a distractive path that will not only claim more lives but also bring the country closer to complete breakdown of order. In these trying times, PM Meles's friends and powerbase have to intervene not only for Ethiopia's sake but for their own sake as well. A broken Ethiopia is not good for the Europeans or the Americans. Even for the Chinese communist leaders who seem to be obliged to congratulate Meles when he steals the election from his people, it is prudent to learn the lessons of History and stand on the side of the rightful and eventual winners - the masses. For the Tigrean people, on whose name Meles had come to power, it is important to realize that they have a duty to perform. Meles cares only for his own skin. Thanks to Meles' unwise actions, the Tigrean people are now being subjected to a continued threat of aggression from the north from the other Fascist dictator of the neighborhood, Issayas Afeworki. Again, thanks to Meles' unwise actions and evil manipulations, the rest of Ethiopia is left wondering why the Tigrean people allow their good name and towering heritage of Ethiopianness be compromised. The wish of the majority of Ethiopian is to see peace revisit our country of 77 million people and 3 millennia of continued existence. For that to happen, the core source of this problem, PM Meles has to go immediately. For the good of the country, the Tigrean people, the Donor governments and the rest of the international community have to pass this message, through any means necessary, to the man in denial - PM Meles.

MediaETHIOPIA @2005