SOS Ethiopia: 43,000 political prisoners at a Nazi-style concentration camp


Published: December 5, 2005

Almost four weeks after the popular revolt in Addis Ababa in November of 2005 in which more than 100 people were killed according to human right groups, shocking news is slowly emerging indicating that more than 40,000 political prisoners have been detained in open air prisons (read Nazi-style concentration camps) in the Dedessa valley of South West Ethiopia. For the first time in 11 years since almost a million Tutsis were slaughtered by Interhuame militias in the green hills of Rwanda in 1994 and 10 years since the Summer 1995 massacre of Bosnians, another human tragedy is unfolding in the green valleys of the Dedessa region of Ethiopia where Mr. Meles Zenawi's secret troops called Agazi Militia are torturing, starving, and killing political detainees from Addis Ababa. The latest reports indicate that as many as 50 people have already been shot and buried at mass burial sites, and almost as many people have died en-route to the concentration camps. In fact, there is fear that it is a matter of time before diseases, torture and outright random killing by this government Agazi militia fashioned after the monstrous Interhuame militia of Rwanda kill the majority of the more than 40,000 political prisoners from Addis Ababa.

While news has been slowly coming to Addis that Mr. Meles' Agazi militia has built a death camp in the Dedessa valley, it was only this weekend that an international news agency (Channel 4 of the UK) had broken the news to the outside world. Confronted by this frightening news, the usually timid Mr. Tim Clarke who represents the EU in Ethiopia sounded symphatetic to the victims while his colleague Mr. Robert Dewar, the UK's ambassador has preferred to appease the increasingly violent and Nazi-style appetite of Mr. Meles Zenawi.  The US is yet to make any official statement on this impending genocide. In the Ethiopian community inside Ethiopia and outside the country, there is increasing nervousness that the only noise that the West will make will be, sadly, after the fact.

At this stage where the lives of more than 40,000 are threatened by an Interhuame-styled Agazi militia in a death camp, Ethiopians plead with the rest of humanity to come to their rescue by stopping this mad man, Meles Zenawi. For the  EU which pays almost a billion Euro per year to Meles, and the World Bank which offers him and his cronies another $ 500 million, this is a crucial time where the have to exercise their power to stop this nightmare. It is the $1.5 billion that these two organizations give to Meles that pays for the salary and weaponry of the Agazi militia. Will the good citizens of the European Union and the United States approve their tax money being used to support a murderous militia ready to kill 40,000 innocent young Ethiopians and bury them in mass burial sites?

We think the next 10-15 days leading to Christmas of 2005 will be very critical for the World to stand up for the rescue of lives before 40,000 innocent Ethiopian men and women. All the world has to do is to speak up and stand up to this mad man who thinks he can kill thousands of people to stay in power. The tragedy could be averted if the more than 120 embassies and consulates in Addis Ababa stand up for human life. Sadly, a tragedy of no parallel will indeed occur if all these diplomats representing the weak as well as the mighty powers of the world prefer to appease the new monster of Africa, Mr. Meles Zenawi. History, as Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia said in 1936, will judge the world if no action is taken to save these 40,000 lives!

MediaETHIOPIA @2005