Election 2005 - Update on Election Results - May 22, 2005

Published: May 18, 2005 (Updated May 22, 2005)

The results from the just completed Historical elections is coming in on hourly basis from all corners of the country. Both the EPRDF government and the oppositions led by CUD and Hibret are claiming victory in this highly contested election. Officially, it will be the election board that has the formal authority to publish the preliminary as well as final results. The preliminary results are due by this Saturday, May 21, 2005.

At this point, however, the MediaEthiopia correspondent in Addis Ababa reports that in addition to the complete sweep of all the contested seats in Addis Ababa by CUD, all major cities in the country in in all regions except Tigray seem to have fallen to the ranks of the CUD. Notable wins so far include the return of Dr. Negaso Gidada who carried Dembi Dola with 85% of the votes and Dr. Yacob Asrat of CUD who won a seat in the Gurage region with a convincing 100%. Some prominent regional EPRDF officials like Ato Bereket Simon, Ato Junedin Sado (Oromia President), and Ato Abadula Gemeda (former General and current defense miniter) also have lost their seats in the federal parliament.

A breakdown of results from Addis Ababa is given in the following table.

Woreda Winner EPRDF Loser Notes
12/13 Dr.Mulualem Tarekegn CUD W/ro Asimaru Berihun Kebede 81% to 14%
3 (Senga Tera) Ato Darzo Dawani Dagero CUD Ambassador Woubshet Demisse Tesemma 71% to 25%
4 Dr.Tadios Bogale CUD We/ro Bisrat Gashawutena Tirfe 83% to 15%
5 (Merkato) Ato Temesgen Zewde W/o Tariku Sodo Fole 81% to 13%

W/o Asnakech Balcha CUD

Ato Getachew Shibeshi Sori 82% to 10%
7 Ato Bediru Ademi Borena Ato Asefa Abiyo Shirango 77% to 16%
8 Ato Endalkachew Muleyae CUD Ato Mekaku Fenta Chay 75% to 13%
1/9 (Giorgis/Keleme Work School Area) Ato Mesfin Mengistu CUD Ato Dawit Yohanes 78% to 18%
10 Dr. Hailu Araya CUD Ato Aychew Tefeta Wedaje 85% to 10%
11 Ato Mesfin Ayalew CUD Dr.Tesifanesh Belay Adal 82% to 11%
2/14 (Arat Kilo) Ato Fetene Teshome CUD W/ro Frehiywot Ayalew Darge 76% to 19%
15 (Kazanchis) Paster Tsehay Tadesse CUD Ato Arkebe Equbay 20,968 to 4925
16 Ato Asrat Tasie CUD Dr. Asefa Abireha Gebiray 82% to 15%
17 (Asmara/Haile G.Selassie Road) Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw CUD We/ro Worknesh Belayneh Ge/Hana 79% to 15%
18 (Olymia Club/Bole) Shaleka Admasu Melaku CUD Ato Tefera Walwa

76% to 18%.

Ato Shimelis Adugna - 1.4%

19 (Nefas Silk) Dr.Shimeles T/Tsadic CUD We/ro Sinknesh Ejgu 80% to 15%
20 (Gofa Sefer/Qera) Ato Kifle Tigneh CUD Ato G/Wahid W/Giorgis W/Michael 90% to 4%
21/22 (Legehar) Ato Lidetu Ayalew CUD W/o Genet Zewdae 75% to 21%
23 Ato Hailu Shawel CUD Ato Getachew Belay Wondimu 79% to 14%
24 (Old Airport) Dr. Befekadu Degifae CUD Dr. Tofik Abidulahi Ahimed 81% to 12%
25 (Jimma Menged) Ato Tariku Demelash CUD Ato Wolide Dersema Debela 83% to 10%
26/27 Ato Daniel H/Mariam CUD Ato Tezera Wedajo Areda 85% to 12%
28 (Shola/CMC) Professor Tomas Tholcha Torche D/r He/Michael Abera Afework 85% to 12%

The EPRDF has also lost seats in the following cities across the country:

Amhara: Dangla, Merawi, Durbetei, Bahirdar, Dessie, D/Markos, Kosober, Haik, Weldia, Chilga, Debre Brehan, Combolcha.
Oromia:Debrezeit, Bale, Nazret, Fechae, Holeta, Moyale, Cheli, Kemisie, Dodola, Yabelo, Masha, Mojo.
SNNPR: Awassa, Dila, Arbaminch, Tapi, Bodetu.

Some of the data was obtained from Addis Zena Ginbot 10, 1997 (Liyu Itim) and the NEBE official announcements.

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